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MIME Model

MIME Model


What is MIME Model?

MIME Model is a primary content-type that defines a type of content with unique hardware, presentational, and processing aspects. It was defined in January 1997 in RFC2077. MIME Models are multidimensional structures with one or more objects. For example, 3D modeling and CAD communities use a variety of different types of files to represent their 3D models. One of these formats is the VRML format which is often used to display 3d information on the Web. Just as the MIME Image content-type tells a Web browser or email client that a given file is an image file, the MIME Model type tells the Web browser or email client that a given file is a 3D model file.

Currently the MIME Model content type consists of the following subtypes:

How to Open MIME Model

In order to open a MIME Model file, your computer or Web browser must be properly equipped to do so. It may need a host program or a browser plugin in order to render the file properly. VRML, or Virtual Reality Modeling Language, has emerged as the standard file format for displaying 3D models on the Internet. As such, VRML is one of the most common MIME Model subtypes you're likely to encounter. Among the more common VRML players and plugins are: Cosmo Player, Flux Player, Octaga Player, SwirlX3D, OpenVRML, FreeWRL, Instant Player, BS Contact, and Cortona 3D Viewer.

MIME Model Associated Applications

Some of the more common file formats associated with MIME Model are IGES, VRML, and MESH. Many different applications are used to create, manage, and view MIME Model files including:
ACD Systems Canvas 12 (IGES files)
Actify SpinFire Professional (IGES files)
Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 with IGES Import plug-in (IGES files)
Autodesk Inventor Fusion (IGES files)
Dassault Systemes CATIA (IGES files)
Dassault Systemes SolidWorks (IGES files)
ideaMK IGSViewer (IGES files)
IMSI TurboCAD Deluxe 18 (IGES files)
Nemetschek VectorWorks (IGES files)
Oracle AutoVue (IGES files)
rmative Graphics MYRIAD Desktop (IGES files)
Siemens Solid Edge (IGES files)
Cosmo Player (VRML files)
Flux Player (VRML files)
Octaga Player (VRML files)
SwirlX3D (VRML files)
OpenVRML (VRML files)
FreeWRL (VRML files)
Instant Player (VRML files)
BS Contact (VRML files)
Cortona 3D Viewer (VRML files)
Medit for Windows (MESH files)

MIME Model: How to Fix it Quick

If you're having trouble with a MIME Model file, chances are good that your computer is not equipped with the correct application or Web browser for viewing the file. If this is the case, you will need to install an appropriate program or plugin.

If you already have a MIME Model compatible program or plugin, it's possible that your computer has lost its file association. One way to overcome this is to manually recreate the file association by right-clicking the MIME Model file and choosing Open With. From there, you will need to select the compatible program and instruct the computer to "Always use the selected program to open this file type" by placing a checkmark next to those words.

Another option is to run a register cleaning utility capable of restoring lost file associations. Other registry errors could also affect your computer's ability to display MIME Model files, so a register cleaner could resolve those issues as well.

For more information about MIME Model, check out these resources:

RFC2077 - This is the original document detailing the MIME Model content-type. It was issued in 1997 and provides a great deal of information about this content type.

VRML Plugin and Browser Detector  - Information from the National Institute of Standards and Technology related to opening VRML files. This tool will automatically detect your Web browser and see if it has a plugin installed for viewing VRML files. If not, it will recommend the appropriate plugin for your browser.